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Build Healthy Kids® is a nutrition and exercise program developed by Dr Deb Kennedy (over 20 years as a nutritionist having worked at Yale, Columbia, Tufts and Cornell) that brings together the nutrition and activity messages children hear at home, at school and in their local community.  A free monthly newsletter focusing on one national nutrition or activity recommendation is sent to schools, pediatrician offices, libraries, and other community locations that children frequent.

For Elementary SCHOOLS:

Parents get a newsletter sent home in their child’s backpack or electronically where they learn about the importance of the national recommendation highlighted in the current month’s theme; children also learn through the newsletter where one side is devoted to engaging them directly; teachers get a list of USDA approved curricula to help teach the monthly topic if they choose to; and school cafeteria staff get tips and recipes to focus on the monthly theme and engage students to buy and try healthy food. The program is flexible so that any existing nutrition program can be used along with it. 

Signage for the classroom, cafeteria and front hall are available. Teachers can spin math and science curricula in with the current nutrition message by referring to the classroom poster that has the top nutrition facts listed in a fun and engaging way; children can read the cafeteria banner with the top 3 nutrition facts for the month while they are eating and the food service staff can highlight that food in the lunch line; plus a school can identify itself as a BHK school by the front hall banner. 

BHK Monthly Topics

Month       Topic National Health Themes
January   Switch to Healthy Proteins            
February Focus on Healthy Fats    American Heart Health Month
March Limit Sweet Drinks National Nutrition Month
April   Limit Sedentary TimeNational Turn Off TV Month
May   Reduce SodiumHigh Blood Pressure Month
June 2 Whole Fruit a Day National Fruit & Vegetable Month
July   Exercise Every Day Summertime
August    Involve KidsFamily Meals Month
September  Focus on Whole GrainsWhole Grain Month
October  3 Vegetables a DayNational Farm to School Month
November  Limit TreatsNational Diabetes Month
December  Get Your Calcium/ Vitamin D Cold / Flu Season

How do I pay for this?

We appreciate that funds for health and wellness initiatives may be short, so here are some ideas on how to raise funds for your BHK posters and newsletters:

  1. Work with your school’s PTA/PTO for funding
  2. Approach you local chapter of a national organization that is known for giving back to the community: Rotary Club and Kiwanis for example
  3. Get kids involved in fund raising activities
  4. Approach local businesses for donations

The good news is that you will be able to use these posters year after year.

You can also place a logo and a “Funded by ……..” on your signs for recognition.


A two-sided newsletter that organizes the more than 160 recommendations outlined in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 into 12 monthly themes is free for you to distribute to your patients and families. Each month one theme is highlighted (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, fat, etc). One side of the newsletter is devoted to the parent and the other is set up to engage and teach the child. The 6 message posters are ideal for display in waiting rooms and treatment rooms.


A free two-sided newsletter is available for you to distribute to families and children in your area.  Signage that highlights the main messages is available for you to display. 

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